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The Joint Master's Programme in Comparative Social Policy and Welfare
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Mykolas Romeris University
University of Tampere
Johannes Kepler University Linz

Student Experiences

Monika Ūselytė, COSOPO student 2012-2014

As soon as I find out about possibility to share my personal thoughts about Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (COSOPO) studies with everyone who might be interesting in this I had no doubt - it’s my pleasure to do so.

Firstly I would like to notice, that Cosopo studies is conducted in English which I found as really valuable experience. Cosopo students has opportunity to read, to write and to communicate much in English during the distance learning in Moodle environment and IP as well. This allow students to improve their language skills day by day. At the very beginning it might seem quite scary until you grasp it. As it was for me indeed, but a little letter you even begin to enjoy it. Be sure, teachers are understanding, supportive and helpful at this regard.

Secondly, courses are held in three different countries (Lithuania, Finland and Austria), which allow you not even visit those different countries but rather to experience them. IP continuous two weeks and this is completely perfect time to figure out how the people lives there, what are the main patterns of culture and traditions. Living in the country for two weeks provides not even lectures and time with coursmates but international and cultural skills and experience simultaneuosly. I would personaly notice it as significantly important in our global world taking into account personal and professional worldview.

Thirdly, Cosopo studies opens you a door for wider understanding in how state and society interacts between each otther in social policy issues acros the European Union. Explains it in theoretical and practical examples which you will find easy suitable for your future career.

Lastly I would like to mention, that in my personal opinion, Cosopo studies are best option for those students who are not afraid of challenges, new experience and are interested in sociology and social policy affairs. Furthermore, Cosopo studies improve your time managing skills, because all structure of your assignments are organised by ourselves. Teachers provides required information, deadlines and are available for questions and suggestions. But students has organize their work by them own. Which I would notice as excellent experience for daily life as well as for your overcoming your master thesis in last semester, because you get used to work without structure from the outside. I am glad that I had and still having opportunity to be Cosopo student because of many reasons I have mentioned above also because every Cosopo student may easily make an impression about their Master studies with Cosopo.

For further information or questions, please contact my via e – mail: uselyte.m@gmail.com