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The Joint Master's Programme in Comparative Social Policy and Welfare
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Mykolas Romeris University
University of Tampere
Johannes Kepler University Linz

Student Experiences

I would like to begin with a message that I was a first round COSOPO student in 2008-2010. The programme was very fresh and new not only for students, but for the teachers as well. During the studies’ years we were discussing a lot about the improvements the programme needs, were learning together from the mistakes, were coping together with the challenges we face and finally we were rejoicing together when the first five COSOPO students in Lithuania were holding diplomas in their hands.

As soon as I find out about possibility to share my personal thoughts about Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (COSOPO) studies with everyone who might be interesting in this I had no doubt - it’s my pleasure to do so.

”I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience of the COSOPO programme so far. The best thing about the course is undoubtedly its international nature. It has been fascinating to not only study the social policies of different countries, but to actually visit those countries and spend time with the people who live there.

Looking back at the previous 1,5 years of study, I view the Comparative Social Policy Master programme as quite a unique one. You may think it is not a real „door-opener“ for your successful career in business, and you’re probably right on that, yet most certainly it is an „eyes-opener“ and a whole load of knowledge and experience.

You can look up the exact curriculum on the website with every course and ects. I just want to give you a brief overview of how I experienced the four semesters of the Masters programme. In the first semester I had lectures of the three different universities on the national social security systems. The Finnish lecturers held for example lectures on the system in Finland in comparison to the other Nordic countries.

Looking back on what I experienced and learned in the Comparative Social Policy and Welfare programme (COSOPO) it is difficult to believe that this is only the third semester I am in now. I applied after my Bachelor in political science and some internship experience in the labour market policy field, however, I knew less about what is happening in social policy outside Germany and Austria.